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Located in Downtown Milwaukee - the East Side historical business district if you want to get specific, Millioke Meat. Cheese. Beer. is an urban tavern and dining room highlighting the hallmarks of Midwestern cuisine.

Of all the terrific dining options in Milwaukee, we wanted to create an atmosphere that embraces the very best of the community for which we are known, and what says Milwaukee better than Millioke - Meat, Cheese, and Beer.

It is legend that Milwaukee originated from the native Algonquin tribe word Millioke, which translates to 'the good or beautiful land.  We feel this meaning truly embodies our concept of a contemporary urban tavern.

Long known for the traditions established by our predecessors, the meats from Milwaukee are synonymous with the passion for comfort food in our neck of the woods.  We know 70 varieties of cased, smoked and  cured meats are available in the community on any given day and will continue to provide you with the option of sampling the very best right in our restaurant with the help of our partner Usinger Sausage.

As the dairy state, Wisconsin is also known for its award-winning cheeses. Through our partnership with the Milk Board of Wisconsin, we are delighted to feature some of the most creative and consistently diverse cheese available to the Midwest.

Finally, what would the brew city be without skillfully crafted brews from local artisans?  Bountiful grains, barley and hops varying from Ales to Stouts can be found in the fine taverns and tap rooms throughout the city. However, we bring them to you in one location, daily!

With our signature meat and cheese boards, refreshing regional microbrews to our culture of hospitality, Millioke Meat. Cheese. Beer. will allow you, your family and friends to share an unforgettable, authentic Midwestern experience.



Celebrating Milwaukee's rich past and present in architecture, every aspect from our menu to bar, reflects the unique characteristics of the city's heritage and American character. Millioke Meat, Cheese and Beer, part of the Milwaukee Marriott Downtown renovation project, was partially restored from a historical building constructed in 1865.

Our building's history is as diverse as the heritage in our cuisine.  Historically known as the Follansbee block after builder Alanson Follansbee, the building has been home to many businesses in its over 150 year lifespan.

Tenants of the building have included a hotel annex, merchant tailor, wholesale gas fixture dealer, artists, physician, shirt manufacturer, wholesale jeweler, fur goods manufacturer, attorneys, women's clothing shops, various insurance agents, music teacher, confectioner and interior decorator among others. The most prominent tenants were the Smartwear Emma Lange Shop that occupied the premises from the late 1920s through the 1960s and the final main floor tenant… Walgreens.

Thanks to development and reinvestment, the building once again houses a hotel Annex, commercial tenants, a Starbucks and Millioke Meat. Cheese. Beer.  The cream city brick wall and archways in our dining room pay tribute to a rich heritage and bright future.