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In keeping with the Midwestern inspired cuisine, Millioke is committed to using only the best ingredients with many products from local suppliers.

Our partnerships allow us to create dishes with the finest that Wisconsin has to offer.

Usinger's Famous Sausage, located on Milwaukee's Old World Third Street, has continued to create America's Finest Sausage from the original family recipes since 1880. Maintaining tradition of excellence is a must, as Usinger's sausage makers are well known among the meat industry and look forward to continue their heritage of quality into the future.
Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board is a non-profit organization supported by Wisconsin's dairy farm families, and is farmer owned and directed. Seeking to help grow the demand for Wisconsin milk and dairy products, the organization helps to provide over 600 varieties, types and styles of Wisconsin cheese in all major U.S. markets to reach over 300 million consumers.
Bolazano Meats, located in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood, the company started in 2009 creating cured meats, specializing in pork salami. Reinventing the meat industry, the company models their business off of the craft brewing industry by being a small company and taking their time to create their cured meats. The food craftsmen make four kinds of handcrafted pork salamis throughout the year.
Underground Meats are providers of hand-crafted salami and cured meats and are located in downtown Madison, WI. The organization also offers a variety of classes and workshops to learn the craft of curing meats.
Widmer Cheese Cellars has been in the cheese-making business for over 80 years. The company's rich dairy heritage and traditions have helped them to create award-winning cheese. They are known for their Brick, Cheddar and Colby cheeses.
Uplands Cheese Company was started by two families, the Gingrich's and Patenaude's, in 2000. Uplands uses only grass-fed, raw milk and their own Pleasant Ridge Reserve recipes to create their exceptional cheese products.
Crave Brothers Cheese produces award-winning, specialty cheeses that are made on the Crave Brothers Dairy Farm from fresh milk and old world techniques. The factory, built in 2001, has the high quality milk piped directly from the dairy farm to create the flavorful farmstead cheese. In addition, the green company utilizes 100% green power, practices water conservation and recycling.
Carr Valley Cheese, known as one of America's finest specialty cheese plants, creates both traditional and unique cheese blends of over 100 varieties. The fourth-generation owner Sid Cook is a certified Master Cheesemaker, awarded to veteran Wisconsin craftsmen who complete a 15-year training program. The skill and tradition of Carr valley Cheese has led to over 400 top awards across world cheese competitions.
Wisconsin Sheep Dairy COOP is a premier maker and the single largest source of artisanal sheep milk for cheese. Made up of 15 farms, the WSDC has the most stringent quality standards in the industry and a great affinity for the cheese-maker's perspective and requirements.
Love Tree Farms, established in 1869 in northern Wisconsin, are the producers of unique sheep milk cheese and dry aged, "European" style grass fed organic lamb. The farm creates a variety of cheeses that include Trade Lake Cedar and Gabrielson Lake cheese, both Love Tree originals aged to perfection.
LaClare Farm was established in 1978 and is family owned and operated by Larry and Clara Hedrich. The quality dairy goat milk produced at the farm is used in a variety of fine products, including award winning goat cheese, ice cream and a variety of all natural soap products.
Sartori is a fourth-generation, family owned company with years of artisan cheese expertise, and is located in Plymouth, Wisconsin. The company produces a variety of classic cheeses, limited edition cheese products and award-winning reserve cheeses.
Nordic Creamery offers a variety of handcrafted cheeses and butters made from some of the best and freshest goat's and cow's milk in the region. Established in 1917, the cheese-makers do not mass produce the cheese, but rather make small handcrafted batches from all-natural and chemical free ingredients.
Nueske's, producer of original Applewood smoked meats, has traditions built upon the Nueske's family European skills of Applewood smoking and recipes for spicing and curing meat. By following the traditional recipes, Nueske's continue their heritage and offer a variety of meats including smoked bacon, hams, sausage, pork and beef specialties, to turkey and poultry products.
Miller Baking Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin has been hand-crafting old world recipes since 1923. Their unique Pretzilla brand specializes in delicious pretzel bread available in burger, sausage and mini buns.
Clock Shadow Creamery, an urban cheese factory, opened in April 2012 and is located in the Walker’s Point Neighborhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Created by the founders of Cedar Grove Cheese, one of the state's oldest cheese producers, the factory creates a variety of cheese throughout the year, made fresh each morning.
Purple Door Ice Creams is committed to using local ingredients to craft a variety of ice cream flavors. Founded in 2011, the company started as a wholesale business and now sells ice cream for customers at the Clock Shadow Building in historic Walker's Point area of Milwaukee.